Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The painful truth about online income

It seems I've come to realize a painful truth about online income systems. Without knowledge of how certain things work on the internet you don't get anywhere. I think I was naive that a person with only ambition and a desire to succeed could do this. I have made a few dollars, but nothing like I see other people making. I think that a lot of things I see on the web are a bunch of hype, because if they were making the kind of money that they claim they would be retired by now. I know that the taste of real money gets in your mouth and it's hard to say when enough is enough, I made well over six figures in the construction business for a couple of years, so I know from experience.
I am still seeking out true online income, but, I am to point of refusing to spend another penny with the people promoting the latest and greatest new opportunity. They just want another sucker to buy their product, so they make money not you.
Have you been taken by these scams? I would love to hear from you if you have, or if you have found a better way.

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