Thursday, March 25, 2010

save money with radiant barrier insulation

Save money every month with this incredible product. RadiantGuard radiant barrier insulation products offer an economical way to reduce your monthly power bills and receive a tax credit back from the government. The Radiant barrier system works by eliminating radiant heat transfer in your attic. It will not void your roof warranty and once installed it is totally maintenance free and continues to work year round.
Comprehensive Energy Solutions llc in the metro Atlanta area is the leader in radiant barrier installations, offers the best installation prices in the industry with a professional staff that is dedicated to your complete satisfaction.
Would you like to reduce your energy prices by 40 to 50% in the summer month, which will be here before you know it, and continue saving money during the cold months of winter. Radiant barrier technology can greatly reduce your power consumption all year.
Radiant Barriers are a proven product that has been in use in the mid and southwest for years where the summer months create great demand on air conditions. Radiant barriers reduce attic temperatures by as much as 40degrees, which decreases the strain on HVAC systems by decreasing heat lost through the home ceilings. Radiant Barriers increase the efficiency of you attic insulation as well. Once insulation reaches a saturation point it no longer becomes effective and interior heat or A/C lost occurs.
Also, with the government energy rebate program in effect, you can a rebate on your purchase up to $1500.00 making this a great time to take advantage of our great pricing.
So if you are interested in seeing what RadiantGuard radiant barriers can do for your energy bill in the North Georgia area, Contact Comprehensive Energy Solutions llc click this link for direct email
Remember radiant barriers install inside your attic, so there is no HOA to worry about, no unsightly solar panels or wind collectors. If interested please contact us today, slots are filling up fast and our installation crews are working as fast as they can to make as many people more comfortable in their homes.

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