Sunday, October 31, 2010

Will GOP win election lotto?

Will the GOP win the election lotto on Tuesday? If they can take the congress and the senate it will be like winning the lottery. After only two years of having total control, the democrats could loose everything in one election and that would send a very powerful message to DC.
But, will the DC power brokers realize that  the message that the people sent is not for the republicans to control things, but that the people want control back and they are just the agents of change?
We will find out, stay tuned folks. Will they repeal the Obama Health Care Bill? Will they extend the Bush era tax cuts? Will they cut spending? Time will tell and we must keep a steady eye on whats going on to ensure that the new officials don't give in to the DC crowd once again.
Watch them very closely for lack of commitment to the cause of freedom and don't let forget why we put them there.

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