Thursday, March 18, 2010

This May be the Most Expensive Lottery Every

Right now congress is gambling with our money, our children s money and possibly our grandchildren s and beyond. If the estimates from the CBO are correct, then we are all headed for a disaster. Never has the congress ever been able to keep anything within it's projected numbers, medicaid cost over 10x more than was projected in the sixties. If they can cut fraud and waste from programs, do it first to pay for whatever it is that they are trying to do with health care. I say whatever it is, because no one knows what is in it. But, they are bound and determined to pass this health care bill, no matter the cost to our nation. The will of the people be damned!

 This is a lottery that I don't think that any one will win, only the government. If all that is left is the government to depend on, motivation for the entrepreneurial spirit to succeed will be gone, and once that is gone, so is our nation.The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine

Don't let them take our country. Contact your congress people and tell them to vote NO on the health care bill!

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