Monday, March 22, 2010

What can we do to pay for health care

If your like me that means, work harder. Make enough money, either online or off. I am trying to increase online income by at least 10% each month. I am ramping efforts to increase income in my contractor labor business as well. I hope to make enough money in the next 3 years to move to another place to out run the socialist system that Obama and the dictators in the congress are pushing. Health care reform I feel is just the first of many efforts to take over private industry. If they get their way, who know what will be next. Maybe, how about energy companies. Maybe they think if they take that over, everyone can afford to heat their homes and drive their cars. As for me, I would just assume that they leave everyone well enough alone. It seems that everything that the government touches turns out bad. Look at social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. You would think that people would know this by now, but the same bunch of liberals and Democrat voters keep thinking it will be different if only these people get to run things. The government is just about completely broke now, when a pay off vote can be the difference between socialism and a democratic effort that all sides can agree on.
If we can make to the November vote, maybe we can turn back time and change things, I don't think it will happen, but just maybe!

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